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Welcome To A3DS

Our Services:

Printing - Full Print Service, we can print any file you have or one of our own files for you in both FDM (Plastic) and Resin!  We use the highest quality plastic and resin and make sure your print is perfect before we ship!

Designing - Custom Design Work Making Your Ideas Come To Life. Make your army unique, create YOUR DnD character or make the table come to life with amazing terrain!

Conversions - Make Your Models Unique With Custom Parts and Pieces

We Specialize In All Things Gaming However We Can Also Print Or Design Just About Anything You Could Imagine!

Free Shipping - All orders over $25 have free shipping world wide!

Custom Creations!

We create anything you might want or need for 3D printing.  Not only do we have many products already, we are happy to create custom items for you!

No printer? No problem! We are also a full service printing company that can print any model on our site for you! ALL of our products have the option of buying the STL file and printing it yourself or having us print it for you.

Check Out Out Custom Work Page Here!

European Customers please check out our Shapeways Page

Shapeways shipping to the EU is significantly cheaper than we can provide on small items. Bigger terrain or other items please contact us via