3D Printing Service

Upload Or Choose A 3D Model

If you have a STL file we can print for you! If you found something you like online (check out thingiverse if you haven't!), backed a kickstarter or even created your 3D design we can print it for you! 

We also have our own designs we are happy to print for you as well which can be found in our STL section!


Choose Your Material

Archon 3D Smiths has printers ready to go to work for you! We have both FDM (plastic) and Resin printers available. Our high quality 3D printers will produce your prototypes, game pieces, terrain and anything else that can be 3D printed with highest attention to quality by our professional operators.


Get A Free Quote

With the form below detail to us what you want printed and in what material, within 24hours (normally much faster) we will get you a quote on how much your 3D printed piece will cost to produce as well as suggestions on ways to reduce cost or increase quality!  If you have a STL to go with your quote please email it is Archon3DSmiths@gmail.com (we are working on a upload feature which will be coming soon right here on the site!).

You Receive It

Once your piece is complete you will receive your 3D printed pieces quickly and anywhere in the world by express delivery! We give the best shipping rates available to all over the world and you will get email updates as your prints finish as well as pictures if you request them!
Contact us today with any questions about what we can print for you!